Director Dave Mullins Premieres ‘LOU’ at Sea Aboard the Disney Wonder & Shares Easter Eggs From the Film

Director Dave Mullins Premieres ‘LOU’ at Sea aboard the Disney Wonder and shares numerous easter eggs from the film.
Lou Screencap

A few days ago, we speculated that director Dave Mullins would be premiering LOU at the Walt Disney World Resort during the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference – and we were right! Bright and early this morning (February 10) aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship, Mullins presented the short film and shared numerous details, including revealing a few easter eggs.

The storyline surrounding LOU features a bully named J.J., who Mullins shared was named to honor his mother, Joyce Jean. Though J.J. seems to have Sid-like qualities as he snatches toys from other kids around the playground, he definitely does not resemble the ‘Toy Story terror’ in the physical sense. Mullins explained, the production team reworked some of the kids from Riley’s classroom in Inside Out – creating younger versions of them (including J.J.). While we cannot confirm, several of the attendees did share that you can see the older version of J.J. in the back left corner of Riley’s Classroom (see photo below).

Pixar Lou Easter Egg

Creating the musical environment for LOU is seasoned composer Christophe Beck, who previously composed Frozen. We are always excited to learn who the composer will be for an upcoming Pixar film as the musical notes add such character and depth to the visual artistry on the screen. As the presentation came to a close, Mullins shared that the Disney Social Media Moms conference would have the very first screening of LOU (outside of Pixar) and as the credits rolled on the film, thunderous applause filled the theater – on top of tweets full of praise on social media.

During the presentation, a few snapshots of the LOU theatrical poster were revealed showcasing stunning artwork with incredible detail. However, we believe the images were not to be shared as of yet and we will wait for the official release from Pixar – but the wait will be worth it, it’s beautiful.

 will be released alongside Cars 3 on June 16, 2017. Be sure to share your thoughts on the new details — leave a comment below or chat all about LOU with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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