Pixar Post Podcast 051: ‘Lou’, ‘Piper’ at the Annie Awards, ‘Cars 3’ Merchandise & Much More

In episode 51 of the Pixar Post Animation Podcast we discuss the news surrounding Lou, Piper’s win at the Annie Awards, Cars 3 merchandise and more.
Pixar Podcast 51 Lou Piper

In episode 051 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat about the latest story updates regarding LouPiper‘s big win at the Annie Awards, Cars 3 merchandise, a new segment where you can get to know us more called, “Ask Pixar Post,” and a whole lot more. 

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  • Kicking off the show (as usual), we put Julie under pressure and ask her two Pixar quiz questions. 
  • Next, we dig into the Annie Awards and discuss our thoughts on Piper‘s big win as well as Finding Dory being overlooked.
  • The VES Awards were held on February 7, and we discuss the win for Outstanding Animated Performance for Hank in Finding Dory. We think it’s a highly deserved win and we describe why.
  • We then dive into the highly-anticipated short film, Lou, and discuss the rumors that it may be like Woody interacting with Sid in Toy Story, as well as how it tackles playground bullying.
  • Cars 3 is up next, and we discuss the products hitting shelves in just a few months — books, clothing, beach towels, sunglasses, Lego Junior sets, and video games.
  • We touch on the Mater & The Easter Buggy die cast cars which have finally been released as well as the Easter Eggs in the book.
  • Finding Dory swam all the way to Paris and will premiere in a new float (Discover A New World) in the parks – we have a quick discussion surrounding the new characters which will appear in the “Disney Stars on Parade” show.
  • Finally, we wrap up with a new segment titled, “Ask Pixar Post” in which we answer questions from you so you can get to know us more. If you have a question about Pixar, want to know more about us, or just want to inquire about an upcoming movie, let us know. Email us your questions here.
    • In the first edition, we answer three questions (and throw in some of our own personal extras) from Don S. who asked us about our least favorite vegetables (i.e., Riley and broccoli in Inside Out), what we do for a living, and if we woke up tomorrow and we were Pixar characters, who would we be?

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