Pixar Post Podcast 052: ‘Cars 3’ News & Merchandise, ‘Ask Pixar Post’ Segment, & Many More Pixar News Updates

In episode 52 of the Pixar Post Animation Podcast we discuss the news surrounding Cars 3, Piper’s Q&A session, the latest Pixar news.
Pixar Podcast

In episode 052 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we discuss the news surrounding Cars 3, we dive into the Piper crew Q&A session, the latest Pixar animation news of the week, and continue our Ask Pixar Post segment – where we answer questions from you, our listeners.

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  • Kicking off the show we start with some Pixar trivia — talking about John Ratzenberger, Richard Kind and the number of birds from For The Birds.
  • Next, we dive into the wealth of Cars 3 news that hit within the last week.
  • We touch on the Piper Q&A session with Alan Barillaro and Marc Sondheimer and play clips from the session and offer our thoughts.
  • The Pixar tour featuring Nick Pitera was fantastic and we chat about the video as well as the potential spotting of Toy Story Easter Eggs.
  • Following up on last episode’s discussions surrounding Lou, we talk about the world premiere at the 2017 South-By-Southwest festival as well as Dave Mullins’ exciting “How to pitch a compelling short project” presentation at the event.
  • We touch on Andrew Stanton’s direction on the upcoming season of Stranger Things as well as his wants to direct The Americans — we also segue into the Ask Pixar Post segment with Julie’s prior workings with Stranger Things Producer, Shawn Levy.
  • Finally, we wrap up with our continued segment titled, “Ask Pixar Post” in which we answer questions from you so you can get to know us more. If you have a question about Pixar, want to know more about us, or just want to inquire about an upcoming movie, let us know. Email us your questions here or send us a message through any of our social media channels.
    • In the second edition, we answer two questions from our listener, HayLee, about which Cars character we would we be (and why) — along with our thoughts on which Pixarian we’d like to shadow for a week – who would you choose to shadow?

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