Pixar’s Short Film, ‘Lou’ to Premiere at 2017 SXSW & Dave Mullins To Present on the Pixar Pitch Process

Pixar’s short film which tackles the topic of bullying will have its world premiere at SXSW 2017 with 3 individual screenings – read more.
Lou Premiere SXSW

Although Pixar’s short film, Lou, will release in theaters along with Cars 3 on June 16, 2017, the six-minute film will premiere three months early at this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

The film, which tackles playground bullying was first shown to a small audience of social media Moms on the Disney Wonder cruise ship last week but will make its world premiere at the festival on March 12, 2017. 

Additionally, we were also thrilled to learn a few more of the employees who worked on the film as some of the key talent was listed in the SXSW premiere post (credits listed below).


Director: Dave Mullins
Executive Producer: Pete Docter, John Lasseter
Producer: Dana Murray
Screenwriter: Dave Mullins
Cinematographer: Adam Habib
Editor: Anthony J. Greenberg
Production Designer: Albert Lozano
Sound Designer: Jeremy Bowker
Music: Christophe Beck


March 12, 2017 — 10:45 AM – 12:06 PM — Zach Theater
March 13, 2017 — 8:15 PM – 9:36 PM — Zach Theater
Mar 16, 2017 — 3:00 PM – 4:21 PM — Alamo Lamar B

Lou SXSW Sketch Mullins
Lou sketch via Dave Mullins’ Instagram

Lou‘s director, Dave Mullins will also be a part of the 90-Minute Film School session — a series of five 15-minute presentations. Mullis will impart his knowledge about the Pixar pitch process during the session (official description listed below)

How to Pitch a Compelling Short Project: Any employee at Pixar Animation Studios can seize the opportunity to make a short film at the studio; but in order to do so, individuals have to pitch three ideas to a group of studio leaders and hope that one of those stories is green-lit. In this session, Dave Mullins, director or Pixar’s newest short “Lou,” talks about some of his experiences pitching ideas over the course of his 16 years at the studio, giving audience members some tips and insights on how to pitch a short project effectively. Mullins will walk through some examples of what worked and what didn’t, and ultimately what granted him the chance to make “Lou.”

How exciting does Dave’s session sound? As a long-tenured employee of the studio, his feedback will be priceless — catch the 90-Minute Film School session on March 13 starting at 3:30 PM. Full details of SXSW can be found on the festival’s site.

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