Breaking News: Pixar’s New Original Short Film Titled ‘Lou’ Directed by Dave Mullins

Pixar teased their upcoming short film, Lou by showing Director, Dave Mullins sketching the charter peeking out of a lost and found box.
Dave Mullins Lou Teaser Drawing

Dave Mullins, a 16 year veteran of Pixar Animation Studios was just announced as the director of the forthcoming short film titled, Lou. In the short 10-second sketch video, Mullins sketches Lou peeking out of a lost-and-found box and definitely sending our minds into question mode.

Who is Lou? Why is he in the lost-and-found? Where will the short take place (i.e., is the short located in a school, a business, or some other location)? Our first thought was a school due to the inclusion of a ball, a book, maybe a lunch bag, and a sweatshirt. In any regard, you can consider us intrigued and more information on the short film will be coming soon.

Be sure to also take a close look at the piece of paper over Dave’s left shoulder, showing what appears to be Lou (the redhead and pair of eyes poking up) along with some varied lettering spelling out his name — is this the short’s movie poster?

The first-time director has been working in the animation department within the studio for many years (with his first Pixar credit being Monsters, Inc.), taking on roles ranging from animator, directing animator, and supervising animator across many of our favorite films.

Mullins also teased on social media earlier this morning that his project with Dana Leigh Murray would be revealed soon and can only assume that Dana is the Producer of the project. We also assume (until confirmation), the short will be released alongside Cars 3 in theaters (June 16, 2017).

What are your thoughts on the new announcement — leave a comment below or chat all about Lou with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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