Disney Pixar Stickers for iOS10 Messages App Review

Disney-Pixar Stickers for iOS10 are a great way to enhance your text messages and have fun with these animated GIFs themed after your favorite films.
Pixar iOS Stickers

Apple’s iOS10 was released on September 13 and contained the largest number of upgrades and new functionality over any prior operating system release to date for the famed company.

One of the many apps to receive new functionality was the Messages app, which now allows the addition of stickers — small animated GIFs and images that you can enhance your texts with — all working within the native Messages app. What we enjoy the most is that you can send the stickers as normal images, or you can hold and drag the stickers to place anywhere within your chat history.

Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media has launched Disney Stickers, a series of sticker packs that enable Apple iOS10 users to enhance their iMessage communications with Disney characters and props.

Disney Stickers users can tell their daily stories through a modern-day blank canvas — the iMessage platform — and express their creativity and storytelling through rich, animated stickers featuring characters and art from beloved Disney & Pixar stories. Amp up a vacation photo with a sticker of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch; share your excitement for the weekend with a sticker of Joy from Inside Out, or celebrate epic teamwork through a Han and Chewie sticker from Star Wars.

Disney Stickers from your favorite Disney & Pixar franchises and characters include: (Click the links below to purchase directly on the Apple App Store and then watch the launch video embedded below from our YouTube channel).

Each Disney Stickers pack includes 21 stickers and costs $1.99 per pack. Disney Stickers packs are available now for download globally in most countries through the Apple iMessage App Store on iOS 10. New packs featuring additional characters and art will launch throughout the year. Although we wish the price of the packs would be more attractive at $0.99, the packs are still a ton of fun — so buy your favorites now.

Leave a comment below or chat about which sticker packs and GIFs are your favorites in the Pixar Post Forum.

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