Pixar Post Podcast 049: ‘Lou’ Teaser Discussion, Watch ‘Piper’ for Free, the Toy Story Vans Collection & More

In our latest episode of the Pixar Post Podcast (49) we chat about Pixar’s upcoming short film, Lou, Piper and the Toy Story Vans shoe collection.
Pixar Podcast 49

In episode 049 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat about Lou (Pixar’s upcoming short film), Dory approaching $1 Billion dollars, (as well as the Blu-ray versions which will be available), and many more great Pixar topics.

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  • Kicking off the show (as usual), we put Julie under pressure and ask her Pixar quiz questions and she gets 4-out-of-4 correct. 
  • At 3:11 into the show we transition and start talking about the short film, Lou, which was teased last week.
  • At 8:30 we talk about Piper‘s 2-week run on the Disney Movies Anywhere app as well as our reiteration of the soundtrack review (read our review and purchase the score).
  • At 15:35 we talk about Finding Dory coming out on Digital & Blu-ray and we run through the store-exclusive versions as well as discuss which version we recommend. Additionally, we talk about Dory‘s approach to $1 Billion dollars at the box office.
  • At 28:43 we dive into a series of special features which Pixar has been releasing on their YouTube channel surrounding Brave and Monsters University — including one which was previously only exclusive to the Target Blu-ray release.
  • At 32:09 we talk about the Toy Story Vans shoes and accessories collection which release on October 7. We offer our initial reactions on the line, which ones excite us the most and our plans to visit a Vans store to explore the entire line.

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