Watch What Happens When Dory (Ellen) & Woody (Tom Hanks) Have a Real-Life Conversation

Ever wondered what would happen if Dory (Ellen) and Woody (Tom Hanks) had a conversation? Watch this funny video to see.
Dory and Woody talk

Typically, the only time you’d have a chance to see two separate worlds of Pixar cross would be in the easter eggs that may pop up in the background of a film. But characters from their respective worlds have never spoken — that is until a recent interview between the voice of Woody (Tom Hanks) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). Tom and Ellen exchanged some fun lines joking about losing Woody’s hat and Dory forgetting who Woody was repeatedly.

As fun as the conversation was, the extra banter about their experience in the audio booth and working with the Pixar team was the real fun of the interview. Be sure to check out the 3:28 video on Ellen’s YouTube channel, or embedded below.

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