Celebrate World Septopus Day with Hank from ‘Finding Dory’ – Is That A Thing?

Celebrate World Septopus Day with Hank from Finding Dory on October 8.
World Septopus Day
Artwork by Jason Deamer

If you’ve seen Finding Dory you certainly know that Hank, the seven-armed octopus (or, septopus), is one cranky and peculiar character. That being said, it should come as no surprise that Hank wouldn’t like that October 8 would be World Octopus Day — where would that put him? Rather than be down about it, Hank and Pixar crafted their own holiday to celebrate his missing tentacle — World Septopus Day (October 7).

Join Hank in celebration by reading a list of Hank’s seven favorite activities as well as a short video with Ed O’Neill (Hank’s voice actor) to promote the holiday.

World Septopus Day Hank

Finding Dory is out on Digital (October 25) and Blu-ray (November 15) — read the full list of extras and special features (as well as store exclusives).

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