‘Inside Out’ Wins The Golden Globe For Best Animated Motion Picture (Video)

Inside Out won the Golden Globe for best animated feature. Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera were on hand to accept.
Pete Docter Jonas Rivera Inside Out Golden Globe
Image courtesy – Golden Globes

Congratulations are in order to Pete Docter and the entire Inside Out team for their Golden Globe win for Best Animated Motion Picture.

Pete Docter (Director) and Jonas Rivera (Producer) accepted the award as Pete joked about the difficulties of growing up while Jonas noted, “Making this movie has been the joy of our lives, we are so proud of it and for that we have to thank the amazing crew of artists we work with at Pixar, they are the greatest artists in the world”. We couldn’t agree more, Jonas.

Watch the acceptance speech (updated soon) as well as their backstage videos below.

This was the first year that two Pixar films have been nominated during the same year and although there could only be one film to take home the trophy, a secondary congratulations should be noted to the entire The Good Dinosaur crew for their fantastic film.

Inside Out Golden Globe Backstage
Image courtesy – Inside Out Instagram


  • Inside Out – WINNER
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • The Peanuts Movie
  • Anomalies

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