Pete Docter, Jay Ward & Jerome Ranft Contribute to Storyboard Chandelier at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Pete Docter, Jerome Ranft, and Jay Ward sign glass panels at Disney World’s Art of Animation Resort for the famed Story Chandelier.
Disney Art of Animation Resort Pete Docter

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World is easily one of the most fun hotels at the parks for fans of animation. The entrance, hallways, pool, and just about every nook and cranny are packed from floor-to-ceiling with sketches and artwork from Disney and Pixar artists who helped create many of your favorite characters.

Recently, Pete Docter (Inside Out Director), Jerome Ranft (Sculptor), and Jay Ward (Cars Guardian) were on hand to add their signatures to the now infamous Story Chandelier.

Art of Animation Story Chandelier

Watch as the trio signs the panels, including a great moment as Jerome proudly signed an image of a storyboard that his brother (Joe Ranft) sketched years ago (prior to his passing). Just a few short months ago, Toy Story 4 co-director, Josh Cooley was also on hand to add his signature to the chandelier as well.

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