The Legacy Collection: Toy Story Soundtrack – Exclusive First Look & Track Listing

Take a look at the Toy Story Legacy Collection Soundtrack with an exclusive first-look at the cover artwork by Lorelay Bove
Toy Story Legacy Collection Soundtrack Cover

What is the first Pixar film that comes to your mind when you think of the famed studio’s catalog? More than likely your response was probably Pixar’s ground-breaking first full-length film featuring the unstoppable duo of Buzz and Woody — Toy Story. The movie not only wowed audiences with its amazing new animation style but also with its sharp wit and ability to make you feel genuine emotion for the film’s characters — would they ever get back to Andy safely?

The emotional pull of the story, the wonderful design of the characters, and the incredible vocal work are just a few of the elements that comprise this masterpiece. But, what about Randy Newman’s brilliant and astounding (now iconic) score and songs? The visual and audio are so intertwined that there is no way one can be referenced without also thinking of the other. Heck, You’ve Got a Friend in Me may very well be one of the most memorable moments in all of Pixar’s history.

Toy Story Randy Newman Soundtrack


November 1995 — As soon as the credits rolled on Toy Story, I immediately jumped out of my theater seat and was on a mission — I had to own the soundtrack to the film I just experienced. This may sound like an exaggeration to suit the story, but I assure you it is not. And now, twenty years later as Pixar celebrates its 2-decade milestone, Walt Disney Records will release (as part of The Legacy Collection series) a wonderful re-issue of the Toy Story soundtrack with even more songs and ways to enjoy Mr. Newman’s work.
Pixar Post was given the exclusive first look at the high-resolution artwork and tracklisting for the 2-disc Legacy Collection set releasing on July 10, 2015 (Walt Disney Records).



  1. Opening Instrumental
  2. You’ve Got a Friend in Me Randy Newman
  3. Andy’s Birthday Is Today Instrumental
  4. They’re Alive! Instrumental
  5. “Staff Meeting Everybody!” Instrumental
  6. “You Too, Bo Peep” Instrumental
  7. Andy’s Birthday Party Instrumental
  8. Code Red Instrumental
  9. A Good Soldier Never Leaves a Man Behind Instrumental
  10. Presents: Who Invited That Kid? Instrumental
  11. Surprise Present Instrumental
  12. “What Are You Doing Under the Bed?” Instrumental
  13. Buzz Revealed Instrumental
  14. Buzz Flies Instrumental
  15. Strange Things Randy Newman
  16. Woody/Bo Peep Instrumental
  17. Sid Instrumental
  18. Virtual Realty Instrumental
  19. Woody Plots Instrumental
  20. Rube Globeburg Instrumental
  21. “Woody Did It!” Instrumental
  22. Rescue Attempt Instrumental 
  23. “Buzz, You’re Alive!” Instrumental
  24. Buzz and Woody Fight Instrumental
  25. Buzz’s Mission Instrumental
  26. “It’s a Spaceship, Buzz” Instrumental
  27. Pizza Planet Rock Instrumental
  28. “What? Hello? A Space Port!” Instrumental
  29. The Claw Instrumental
  30. Dr. Sid Instrumental
  31. Mutant Toys Instrumental
  32. Woody’s Gone Instrumental
  33. “Sorry Guys, Dinner’s Canceled” Instrumental
  34. Scud Instrumental
  35. Buzz Lightyear Commercial Instrumental
  36. I Will Go Sailing No More Randy Newman
  37. Out the Window Instrumental
  38. Sid’s Toys Fix Buzz Instrumental
  39. The Big One Instrumental
  40. Sad Andy Instrumental
  41. “Buzz, I Need Your Help” Instrumental
  42. Working Together (Leads to Failure) Instrumental
  43. The Rescue Pt. 1 Instrumental
  44. Sid Counts Down Instrumental
  45. The Rescue Pt. 2: Play Nice, Sid Instrumental
  46. Chasing the Van Instrumental
  47. RC to the Rescue Instrumental
  48. To Infinity and Beyond Instrumental
  49. Together Again and a Very Merry Christmas Instrumental
  50. You’ve Got a Friend in Me Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman
  51. End Credits Instrumental


  1. Strange Things Piano/Vocal Demo
  2. Plastic Spaceman Piano/Vocal Demo
  3. I Will Go Sailing No More Piano/Vocal Demo
  4. The Fool Piano/Vocal/Background Vocal Demo
  5. You’ve Got a Friend in Me Instrumental Version
  6. Strange Things Instrumental Version 
  7. I Will Go Sailing No More Instrumental Version
  8. Thanking the Orchestra Spoken


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Serious fans of Pixar’s scores know that the “Cast and Crew” soundtracks for each film (exclusive to Pixar Animation Studio employees) contain two to three times the number of songs as the retail release. What’s even more exciting (and why we feel this is essential to own) is that an official “Cast and Crew” Toy Story soundtrack was never produced — until now. 

Disc one contains the complete score (including songs) from the film in sequential order, while disc two contains instrumental and demo versions of the iconic songs. The set also comes with a collectible 20-page booklet which includes liner notes by John Lasseter and Randy Newman.

The cover artwork was created by the exceedingly talented Lorelay Bové, a visual development artist with Walt Disney Animation Studios (TangledWinnie the PoohWreck-It Ralph). Bove’s art can be seen in the hardcover book, Lovely: Ladies of Animation: The Art of Lorelay Bové, Brittney Lee, Claire Keane, Lisa Keene, Victoria Ying and Helen Chen. Additionally, Bové was recently named one of ‘10 Animators to Watch’ by Variety (the same article we discussed that also noted Toy Story 4 co-director, Josh Cooley, as well).
Be sure to pick up The Legacy Collection: Toy Story on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music (released on July 10, 2015).


Walt Disney Records – The Legacy Collection, celebrates the anniversaries of Disney’s most cherished and classic films that have been enchanting audiences for generations through twelve special releases. With the quality of the Toy Story release, we also encourage you to explore the additional Legacy Collection releases.

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