First Look at the Official Lego WALL-E Set Created by Angus MacLane


Back in February, Lego made an official announcement that the custom WALL-E figure created by Pixarian/Lego aficionado, Angus MacLane would be going into production and made available to the public at a later date.

While months have gone by without any further information, today we have our first look at the lovable robot. Similar to Pixar’s film-making process this feat didn’t happen overnight. Back in 2013, MacLane first posted his creation onto the Lego Idea website – making minor adjustments to the figure along the way. According to Smyths Toys, the set is unofficially set to release this upcoming December and we can expect the price point to be around $40-$50 USD.


Did you know that MacLane has another Pixar-themed Lego Idea that still needs support? If you are a fan of Toy Story of TERROR! then you’ll remember the versatile Lego Bunny character (we loved the character so much that we too created our own Lego Bunny).

Remember, once a Lego Idea has gained 10,000 supporters the project goes to a review board where it is decided if the idea should go into production. Be sure to lend your support for Lego Bunny in hopes to see more Pixar-themed Lego products on store shelves.

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