‘Inside Out’ Hollywood Premiere Interviews and Photos

Inside Out Hollywood Premiere

As the cast and crew of Inside Out geared up for the Hollywood Premiere at the famed El Capitan Theatre, it appeared that Anger may have inspired the California sun – as it was hotter than his distaste for broccoli pizza. The event (which took place on Monday, June 8) featured Riley’s ‘headquarters’-themed purple carpet which lead guests into the pre-party complete with games and Inside Out-themed treats. In addition to the festivities, Disney park-accurate renditions of Joy and Sadness greeted everyone in attendance – leaving us to wonder if this was a sneak peek into the Inside Out addition to the Pixar Play Parade at Disney’s California Adventure.

Inside Out Premier with John Lasseter

The video clips and photos from the event showcase the enthusiastic cast and crew as they share stories and moments from working on the film. Are you on the hunt for Inside Out Easter Eggs? During a quick interview before the premiere, Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera noted to keep your ears open to hear a familiar ghostly tune from The Haunted Mansion.

Speaking of tunes, we thoroughly enjoyed listening to more insight from Inside Out composer Michael Giacchino who shared that each emotion does not carry its own theme – as we most recently discussed in the Pixar Post Podcast. To learn more about the film and listen to our audio interview with Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera, Ralph Eggleston, and more, be sure to listen to the Pixar Post Podcast.

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