Ratatouille in Concert Coming Soon To Concert Halls Near You – Updated 2x

Ratatouille in Concert Poster

Fans of the highly-celebrated Pixar in Concert series are in for a special treat as CAMI (the organization behind the Pixar in Concert series) recently announced that Ratatouille in Concert will be the next iteration in the Symphonic Cinema Project list. Ratatouille has always stood out for its strong visual appeal, but the soundtrack (composed by Michael Giacchino) is brilliant in its own regard as well. The soundtrack soars with its French-inspired themes and balance of quiet, introspective moments compared against the peppy suspense of the Remy and Chef Skinner chase scenes.

For the first time ever, Disney and Pixar release their Academy Award-winning film RATATOUILLE in high-definition on the big screen while the beloved score by composer Michael Giacchino is performed live by a symphony orchestra. This live orchestra event is an experience to savor as the movie cooks up delectable moments again and again.

Michael Giacchino at a piano

So, when will the performances start hitting concert halls near you? Although no official release dates have been announced as of yet, Maria Giacchino (Michael’s publicist and event manager – concerts and appearance) noted that the launch would be October 2015 (starting in Paris, followed by international dates thereafter).

Ratatouille in Concert poster with dates

Updated April 30, 2015 – The premiere of Ratatouille will be hosted at the Grand Rex theater on October 17-18 and will feature the 85 piece, Paris Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Ludwig Wicki). Each day will feature two separate showtimes – tickets can be purchased now (link removed, no longer active).

Updated April 30, 2015 – We have also learned that the concert series will be coming to the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 28, 2015, for two shows as well (2:00 and 6:00 PM) – tickets can be purchased here (link removed, no longer active).

Are you excited about the news? Will you be heading to a concert hall near you to catch the performance? We know we will!

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  1. If it's presented at outdoor venues like the Hollywood Bowl, will Ratatouille be available as an option at the snack bar? Or will people watching the wonderful food being prepared on screen have to settle for salty popcorn, greasy hot dogs, and diet coke? 🙂

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