New French ‘Inside Out’ Trailer Features Riley’s Classmates and Easter Eggs

Inside Out French Trailer

Each of the previously released Inside Out trailers have centered around a particular mood or theme from the film, but the new French trailer is a great contrast focusing on Riley’s world outside of her mind (via the Official Disney France YouTube channel). The new footage highlights Riley’s classroom and classmates which makes you feel those first day of school jitters all over again. From the character design of the classmates to Riley’s outward timidness, you get the sense that this large city school is drastically different from her midwestern roots.

As we noted back in March, Pixar released a few Fun Facts about Inside Out and while we thought we’d have to wait for the theatrical release to spot one, we were pleasantly surprised to have noticed a few from the list – including an additional Easter Egg.

If you look closely at one of Riley’s classmates you’ll notice that his camouflage shirt is comprised of Toy Story characters (pictured above you can see Rex). Speaking of Toy Story, did you happen to notice that one of the classmates in the same photo is wearing a similar skull design shirt? Finding these Easter Eggs definitely has us excited to spot more when Inside Out hits theaters on June 19, 2015.

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