Episode 036 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Our Chat with Josh Cooley, Ronnie Del Carmen & More ‘Inside Out’ News

Pixar Post Podcast 36

In episode 036 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat about our continued experience at the Inside Out press event, where we bring you our interview with Ronnie Del Carmen (Inside Out co-Director) and Josh Cooley (Inside Out – Story Supervisor). We also chat about the Inside Out advance screening opportunity, Ratatouille in Concert and so much more.

Pixar News

  • Starting at 3:00 into the podcast, we kick off by discussion by chatting about Ratatouille in Concert.
  • At 10:25 into the show, we chat about Ed Catmull’s potential to have his likeness cast in wax for Madame Tussauds as well as my personal meeting Ed at the Studios.
  • At 16:08 into the podcast, we chat about the new French trailer for Inside Out along with some of the Easter Eggs which were spotted in the trailer.
  • At 20:10 into the discussion, we chat about the special advance screening of Inside Out on June 16 (3 days before it’s broad theatrical release) as well as the live Q&A session and 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.
  • At 22:37 into the show, we discuss our thoughts as well as Brad Bird’s comments regarding Dolby Vision – the latest Dolby technology that produces superior visual projection of films in theaters. Inside Out will be the second film projected with this technology.
  • At 25:28 into the show, we discuss the potential of Josh Cooley’s Inside Out Blu-Ray release of Riley’s First Date.

Inside Out Interview with Ronnie Del Carmen and Josh Cooley

  • Starting at 27:36 into the podcast we begin our chat about our experience in the story review sessions for the press event – covering our thoughts on the room, the process and insights from the interview. The interview itself begins at 33:21 into the show.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the episode below and stay tuned as we’ll be releasing audio from all of our group and one-on-one interviews from the press event with even more tips, details and fun from the Inside Out event.

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  1. So you were able to meet Ed Catmull, wow, that would be awesome! Did you ask him anything, or just had time to introduce yourself?You know I enjoy these detailed looks into the press event, but I also really appreciate you trying to keep them spoiler free. As we get closer to release date there's so much content out there. I've moved into my \”lockdown\” phase where I'm now avoiding most trailers and reading articles like the stuff we saw yesterday from CinemaCon. It's going to kill me to get the Art of book (which of course I'll get on its release day) and not break it open! Needless to say, if there's an advanced screening within 100 miles of my house I'll be there!Can't wait for more of these episodes! Oh, and thanks for the mention! I've been listening to a lot of Giacchino music while coding lately, they go so well together!

  2. Ha! Your \”lockdown\” phase – I had a great chuckle about that! Yeah, I don't know how you have the strength to not open the \”Art of\” book once you have it in-hand…but I remember you did that with the Monsters U book as well!Giacchino's music is a great pairing with a ton of various kinds of work.Oh, and as far as meeting Ed, no, I didn't really say anything intelligible. I introduced myself and mentioned the site I was from. I thanked him for having us out to the event and mentioned how excited I was for everyone to see Inside Out. He asked how much of the movie we saw and after we chatted for a moment about that, I was swept away for my one-on-one interview. I wish I could have chatted for a few more moments, but I was thrilled to be able to introduce myself to such an icon in the industry – it was a big moment for me! If I was going to chat any longer, I was going to inquire about Creativity, Inc. a little too.

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