World Premiere of ‘Inside Out’ To Take Place at The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival – UPDATED

Inside Out premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Early this morning as the official selections of the prestigious 68th annual Cannes Film Festival were revealed, we waited with anticipation to see if Inside Out would be included on the roster. After much speculation this past month, we have confirmation that Inside Out will have its World Premiere at the festival this May. This will be director Pete Docter’s and producer Jonas Rivera’s second time at Cannes – having previously been there for UP (the first animated film ever to be shown as the Festival’s Opening Ceremony film). Joining the duo this time around will be co-director Ronnie Del Carmen, along with several members of the English-language vocal cast.

We are overjoyed at being included in this year’s official selection at Cannes,” said Docter. “With ‘Inside Out,’ we spent years imagining – and then building – never-before-seen settings and characters within the mind. It was an incredible, fun and exciting challenge and now we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Inside Out Train of Thought Screencap

In addition to this exciting announcement Disney•Pixar has released a new clip from the film, titled ‘First Day Plan’. The clip highlights the emotions getting ready for Riley’s first day of school – which focuses on the project manager-like duties of Joy and the lack of responsibility given to Sadness. As the emotions prepare for the big day, it was a fun surprise to see how the Train of Thought comes into frame to deliver (what appears to be) daydreams to the group in the ‘headquarters’. It should also be noted how versatile the entire Inside Out team is – the camerawork within this scene along with the additional squash and stretch techniques (especially when Joy talks) continues to impress us.

UPDATED May 13 – Inside Out will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18 in the Grand Theatre. The first screening will take place at 11:00 AM followed by an additional screening later that evening at 7:15 PM.

UPDATED – May 18 – Read our wrap-up review of the Cannes Film Festival

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  1. It is very unique and something that Pixar worked a lot on. In fact, they utilized Tony Fucile (a legendary Disney animator) to help them \”plus\” some of the movements and really demonstrate the stretchy nature of traditional animation.

  2. That's hilarious that you had the \”ruined pizza\” with broccoli! Glad you enjoyed it as well.Yeah, this scene has a long of fast-moving action, but that's kind of how most things run in Riley's mind!

  3. Really amazing scene and enjoyable to watch .the score here is basically the theme from the birth part but happier, this is gonna be one of the main themes in the film i'm sure .the title on anger's news paper is first day on school really cool fact that they also have news papers and things like that . also the way that the train of thoughts put a package in the head quarders that fast like a delivery man also .buy the way i just came back from a 8 days trip to Germany and me and my family order a pizza there one of the 2 plates was a pizza with broccoli ,i take one slice to try, its not that bad at all … 🙂

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