New International ‘Inside Out’ Trailer Showcases Dramatic Lighting & Riley’s Sense of Sadness

Inside Out Screencap

A day ago, Disney Espana released the first International Inside Out trailer that centered around how the emotions were first created inside Riley’s mind. The trailer showcased the humorous side of the characters with the main lighting and color scheme of the featured clips being bright and cheerful.

As of late yesterday, a second International Inside Out trailer has been released – via the official Disney Japan YouTube Channel. This trailer was drastically different in emotion (compared to the Disney Espana version) as it focused on Riley’s sense of loneliness/sadness.

Inside Out Screencap

The artistry of the newly released clips showcases a mood-changing greyscale lighting – along with the spot-on animation of Riley’s outward sadness (as shown in her facial features and body language). We continue to be blown away by the developing storyline and with the release of this trailer, we are even more thrilled with the realism of adolescence that is being displayed.

Many Pixar fans have begun theories of their own wondering if Riley attempts to run away – what do you think? Join the conversation on The Pixar Post Forum and share your thoughts. Thanks to forum user “shadowjonathan” for spotting the trailer and to forum user “happyland” for translating the trailer.

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  1. a curious question, in the \”from the creators\” part of every Pixar trailer why Pixar isn't metion Cars or A Bugs Life or Ratatouille or Brave? them all are their movies too, and good ones. I don't get why they don't metion them 🙁

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