Pete Docter Explains Importance of Infusing Personal Experiences Into Pixar Films

Pete Docter CBC Radio Speech

Director, Pete Docter recently sat down with CBC Radio (a Canadian-based radio program) where he discussed his journey into the making of Inside Out. The 20-minute conversation is sprinkled with details regarding the research of the film, as well as interesting facts – such as one of Riley’s fears being, her Grandmother’s vacuum.

As the interview continued, Docter was asked to explain Pixar’s secret of bringing emotional truth to each of their films. While there is no ‘secret’, Docter explained the importance of infusing truth from some sort of personal situation and proceeded to share his own story which helped create the storyline for Sulley in Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. was born out of the fact that I love my work, I love my job and my wife and I had a kid. So now suddenly, I am wanting to be at work but then missing his first smile at home and how I want to be at both places – and I can’t.

So, that’s really what Sulley from Monsters, Inc. is dealing with. This idea of loving work and being all about scaring and his job and now he’s stuck with a kid, and that becomes his obsession and he doesn’t know how to play his life. It’s those real-life experinces that are complex and hopefully that a lot of people can relate to that really become the heart of the film

Pete Docter

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