New Spanish ‘Inside Out’ Trailer Features Baby Riley & How the Emotions are Created – Updated

Inside Out Spanish Trailer

Last week Pixar released their second official Inside Out trailer which contained different lands and a few new characters within Riley’s mind. Pixar fans were thrilled with the new footage from the second trailer and the theories and conversations have been plentiful on The Pixar Post Forum – many about the secretive Bing Bong character. 

Inside Out Baby Riley Screencap

Today, a new international Inside Out trailer (Spanish version) has just been released on Disney Espana YouTube Channel featuring many more scenes and a young (and adorable) Riley. The new animation highlights the moment when Riley is born and how the five emotions enter the ‘Headquarters’ based on Riley’s experiences. The first emotion to appear is Joy, followed quickly by Sadness – which was a nice touch to highlight these two first as we know the duo wind up lost together inside Riley’s mind.

While we do not speak Spanish (translation added to the comments below) one thing is clear, emotion is universal and we were nearly in tears over the new scenes of Riley’s pure innocence and discovery from this trailer. It should also be noted that we appreciate that the character Bing Bong is still shrouded in mystery. While we believe this character will be a main focal point, we love that the “cotton candy, hobo, elephant” is left to our own imagination.

UPDATED: March 17 – After viewing the trailer a few times, we noticed the first Easter Egg in Inside Out. During the quick scene where Riley is building a castle out of cards you will notice that the cards have an “R” on the back of them – look even closer and you will see images of Riley (in place of the Jack), Riley’s Mom (in place of the Queen) and Riley’s Dad (in place of the King)!

Inside Out Easter Egg

What do you think about the new trailer? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in The Pixar Post Forum. Thanks to Maxxie03 for spotting the trailer.

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  1. Yeah, it's great to catch a bit of the official score along with some more looks at the film. I hear you on not wanting to see too much more – now it's a challenge of really being able to stay away and not watch the next one! 🙂

  2. really great new footage .i don't think i need to see more trailers they show too much .im afraid that i will see more then i need to see before first watching .but the score here is giachino's score for sure sounds great as always.

  3. Julie, The more I see, the more I love. Cool Easter Egg too! Here is a very raw translation of the new scenes in this Spanish trailer. Joy: Since the first moment she opened her eyes, I was there. I'm Joy! Dad: Riley, you are the reflection of joy. Joy: It was Incredible! Well, for 33 seconds. Sadness: I'm Sadness. Joy: Oh, hello! Let me see if I can fix this. Narrator: Core central started filling up from that moment. Disgust: I'm detecting a dangerous odor. Narrator: This is disgust. She basically protects Riley from being poisoned. Disgust: It's broccoli! Anger: You want a taste of this, dad?!Narrator: This is anger. Fear: Curves ahead! Narrator: This is Fear. He keeps Riley safe. Narrator: These are Riley's memories. And the majority are happy memories. Voices: What happened? Sadness? She did something to the memories. Towards the endFear: Today we have not died, I call that a total success. Clown: …. birthday hereFear: I wish Joy was here! (Joy and sadness up against window)

  4. This trailer is great, even though I can't understand it! Love the little extra bits thrown in, compared to the latest US trailer. I'm glad too that Bing Bong hasn't been revealed too much. Seeing this trailer, overall, has me even more pumped now!

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