Pete Docter Reveals That He Voices a Character in ‘Inside Out’ During a Canadian Talk Show

Pete Docter Voices a Character in Inside Out

The Inside Out press tour is in full swing as director, Pete Docter, and producer, Jonas Rivera were featured on the Canadian early morning talk show, Breakfast Television. During the five-minute interview, the duo revealed their excitement for the film as well as their appreciation for the vocal cast. We always enjoy hearing stories of collaboration on Pixar films and it was great to hear that both Bill Hader (the voice of Fear) and Amy Poehler (the voice of Joy) worked with the team during the entire project.

She (Amy Poehler) is just fantastic! We’ve gotten to actually write with her, so she’s been an intrigual part of creating the character and the whole story – so that’s fantastic

Pete Docter

As the interview came to an end Pete Docter was asked if he could reveal any easter eggs, “Well, I get to be a voice…I am the voice of dad’s Anger”. This exciting confirmation now has us wondering if perhaps, Docter was able to animate any particular scenes in addition to lending his voice to the film. What do you think? Share your thoughts on Inside Out with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

Pete Docter voices Dad Anger in Inside Out
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  1. This movie will be loaded with cameos if every emotion for every person is voiced by someone. On a completely unrelated note, Inside Out was rated PG by the MPAA. Is this the 3rd or 4th Pixar movie to get this rating? I didn't keep track.

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