View Ronnie Del Carmen’s Artistic Process for Pixar’s 2014 Holiday Card

Ronnie del Carmen Joy Inside Out Pixar Holiday Card
Images courtesy of Ronnie del Carmen’s blog

Ronnie Del Carmen, the co-director of Pixar’s 2015 summer film, Inside Out, created a wonderful holiday image this year showcasing the emotion of Joy with the text, “Joy to the World.” The layout of Joy with holly in her hair was one of many that Ronnie pitched to Inside Out director, Pete Docter, and Producer, Jonas Rivera. The process of creating the piece (spotted by Pixar Times) is detailed on Ronnie’s personal blog and is fascinating to read how he fit the project into evenings as well as the challenges of using Gouache (an opaque watercolor).

I got the go ahead to design and write the card this year and what an honor it is to get that shot. I did a couple of very rough ideas and in a quick presentation to Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera they picked the one of Joy with holly in her hair. It was the one I wanted to make–whew! I refined the idea only a little further in Photoshop to get the studio buy-off.

Ronnie del Carmen

Read more about Ronnie’s decision-making process for this wonderful piece and be sure to follow his personal blog or his Tumblr page for even more artistic inspiration (and a few additional photos of the design process for this card). There’s also a conversation about this card already going on the Inside Out Pixar Post Forum – be sure to chime in and leave a comment below or chat about the card in the forum – what are your thoughts?

“Joy to the World” is the perfect way to also welcome 2015 into the fold. Congratulations to everyone as we welcome a new year – remember to stay positive in the face of adversity and remember that 2015 will bring us two wonderful Pixar films – “Joy to the World” indeed!

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