New Details & Images on the TOMY Toy Line for ‘Inside Out’ & ‘The Good Dinosaur’ – UPDATED

Inside Out Anger Tomy Toys

Earlier today Disney Consumer Products released new and exclusive details regarding the toy lines for Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur by TOMY. As stated in the press release:

Both films will have robust toy lines from best-in-class licensee TOMY, whose innovative approach, strength in international markets and ability to reflect Pixar’s unique storytelling in its product lines made them the ideal choice for Pixar Animation Studios’ most exciting year yet.

The Inside Out inspired toys are sure to be a hit with fans as the posable figures (Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust) have light-up features – which is sure to bring the magic of these characters to life (as they have a slight glow in the film).

It was John Lasseter who was drawn to the toy company TOMY, “When I visited TOMY’s headquarters in Japan, I was impressed by their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The toys they’ve created for ‘Inside Out’ and ‘The Good Dinosaur’ are fantastic – they’ve truly brought our characters to life”. You will notice the incredible amount of craftsmanship and detail that TOMY put into making the Inside Out toys (pictured below). Having each character modeled with their signature facial expression and body movement allows fans the chance to recreate scenes from the film with their own imaginative play.

There were no toy-related images released for The Good Dinosaur, however, the details surrounding the toy line were plentiful. The Good Dinosaur toys will appeal to kids of all ages, from remote control characters to action figures the team at TOMY worked closely with the filmmakers to get the details and movements of the characters just right. The TOMY team also unveiled that they are working on placing RFID technology into some of the toys allowing the characters to interact bringing the film to life right in your living room.

 “We put our hearts into these films, so it’s incredibly important to us that our toy-making partners care about and do justice to these characters we know so well,” said John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.

While the release dates for the toys have yet to be announced, we can hope to hear more about this incredible partnership between Disney•Pixar and TOMY next month at the New York Toy Fair.

UPDATED January 14 – Additional Pop! Vinyl toys by Funko (releasing on May 15) have also been added to the list of upcoming toys (via MTV).

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  1. You have no idea how excited I am for these toys! I have been waiting forever to see the merch for these new films- now it's finally coming! Absolutely love the figures and light up features…and you know I love Funkos! They look completely awesome. Something I've been picturing for a LONG time has been TGD toys…I've literally been pumped about those since I even heard Pixar was making a dinosaur film! I've been picturing what they're gonna be like for years even though I haven't seen hardly anything from the movie- I just know Pixar's signature look/style and toys well enough that it'll be no surprise when I finally see them! I've always wanted some \”cute\” dinosaur toys but never wanted to get cheap generic toys or random ones that come to toy stores now and then, now my chance finally! I'm also thrilled to hear about the Toy Story 20th year anniversary collection…could we finally be getting some characters we've been waiting for for years?! I know we're getting a new Buzz, Jessie and Woody, but maybe Stinky Pete? Mr. Spell? Shark? Snake? Robot? Wheezy? I know those are long shots, but I would love to see some never before made toys released!! Here's hoping…

  2. I know – almost everything about this announcement was perfect. The light-up element is amazing for sure and the Good Dinosaur toys are more than 100% on my radar for the same reason. A non-traditional dinosaur toy is going to be an amazing toy to add to the collection!Also – maybe more importantly…yes, I sure hope they do release some more of those highly requested toys…Zurg, Stinky Pete and Wheezy top my list for sure…but only if they're official Thinkway versions!

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