Kohl’s Cares Features Pixar Character Plush and Books

Kohl's Cares Wall-E Plush

Kohl’s department store just unveiled their new products for their Kohl’s Cares line featuring some of our favorite Pixar characters as a series of plush toys and books. The Kohl’s Cares program often features animated classics as well as new animated films with 100% of the proceeds being donated to charity. In fact, Kohl’s mentions that, “Since its inception in 2000, our Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise program has raised more than $257 million to support kids’ health and education initiatives in communities nationwide“.

With six Pixar-themed character plush toys and books to choose from (for only $5.00 each), it makes it easy to pick up all of them and support a great cause as well. It should be noted that the WALL•E and Up plush and book are online exclusives, the others can be found in-store or online. Thanks so much to our friend Paulina for the heads up on these great items.

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  1. Nice stash guys! You went all out with getting all these. I had meant to mention this to you a while back but I guess you already knew! Someone on Instagram had told me about it earlier last month, but I've yet to go check out my local store to see if I actually want any of this. Pretty neat, especially the charity aspect! Great photos as always, look really incredible…but that's no surprise with your usual high quality!

  2. Well, thanks for the photo compliments…but we actually didn't take these! 🙂 They're right from the Kohl's website, so that's why they look so great! 😉 But, thanks for thinking these are ours! You've got photos on the brain with all yours that you've been taking and editing!

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