New ‘Inside Out’ Images Feature New Candy Bag Prop & New Concept Artwork – Updated

Inside Out Screencap - Joy with Bing Bong Bag

Inside Out may not be hitting theaters until June 19, 2015, but the excitement for the film has been felt among Pixar fans for what seems like an eternity. Recently we have been treated to poster/character art, a theatrical trailer, and storyline details – only adding to the excitement of what director Pete Docter and his crew have in store for us.

While the film takes place in the mind of 11-year old Riley, as she copes with the struggles of moving to a new city and attending a new school, the lead protagonist is in fact Joy – one of five emotions including Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. The new image has us intrigued and can you guess why? Take a look at the bag that Joy is carrying, it’s covered with images of candy, which makes us wonder if each of the five emotion characters each has a similar bag (based on their emotions).

Inside Out Joy Concept Artwork
Concept art by Ralph Eggleston and Albert Lozano

Additionally, Pixar has started offering a 2015/2016 calendar (exclusively at their studio store) that highlights each of Pixar’s past releases as well as known future releases. We were excited to see that the photo for June 2015 included a new piece of gorgeous concept artwork for Inside Out featuring Joy reaching for glowing orbs.

Inside Out Screencap

UPDATED December 29 – Just moments ago our loyal reader (@MaxdHartog03) showed us that a new Inside Outimage was released on Empire Online. The still features the group of the five emotions huddled together in Riley’s mind watching a ‘Joy’ous memory from Riley’s past (in what appears to be the snowy Midwest). While we cannot say for sure, this image would appear to be after Riley’s move to San Fransisco – perhaps, after the argument scene with her father from the official trailer when she goes to her room?

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  1. Really made me exited even more . cant wait for it. the concept of the memories kept like that reminds me more and more the doors from monsters inc and all the technical aspect of it .really interesting what is the direction they will go with it .

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