Breaking News – The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 in development

Cars 3 and Incredibles 2 Announced

What would you say if it was confirmed that a sequel was in the works for The Incredibles? What if I also said that Cars 3 was also in development? Well, during the 2014 Annual Disney Shareholder meeting, CEO Bob Iger revealed some amazing and really exciting news – that both of those films are in the works.

I think a collective cheer was heard across the internet today as a sequel to The Incredibles has been the number one requested sequel from Pixar for years. Heck, we even dedicated a portion of a podcast episode (#12) to predicting whether an Incredibles sequel would pick up where the story left off, or if the story would take place further in the future. 

The Incredibles screencap Dash car race

Although the news of an Incredibles sequel will cause many to cheer, the news of another Cars sequel will equally cause some jeers (some, not us). However you feel about the Cars franchise personally, you can’t deny that the franchise has been a success overall – in fact, it continues to be one of the most popular among younger fans (and many adults like us as well). We personally welcome and are ecstatic about another Cars movie as we love the characters, the heart, and the world of Cars in general. Heck, who can deny that Cars Land in Disney California Adventure isn’t one of the most jaw-dropping recreations of a movie environment ever?

Also, don’t forget that we already have a few details surrounding Cars 3 that were leaked via Michael Wallis (voice of Sheriff in the films) last year during an interview. According to Wallis, Cars 3 will take place along route 99 this time around and get back to the heart that was part of the first Cars movie. Read even more details about Cars 3 and listen to a clip (also posted below) of the Wallis’ interview in our post.

Although we don’t know any details regarding release dates or who will be directing (Cars 3 only, The Incredibles is being developed by Brad Bird), we’d have to assume that they won’t be slated until at least 2017 or 2018. So, what are your thoughts? Which sequel are you anticipating more? Leave a comment below, or expand on your thoughts in the Pixar Post Forum regarding the new movie announcement.

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  1. Honestly I cannot believe they are making another Cars movie. Even though I personally love the movies, I think that they might get a bad rap from the critics, whether the movie is any good or not. Now, the Incredibles 2 is something to be excited for. It's a movie tha has so much potential, and I am so thrilled to see what's going to happen 🙂

  2. Yeah, there are so many potentials with both movies, but yes, since we've already seen a second Cars movie, it's easy to get excited for a second Incredibles movie a little more at this point…that being said, I'm still super-excited for Cars 3 to bring \”the heart\” back!

  3. It's like Disney had to announce The Incredibles 2 to outweigh the PR backlash from Cars 3? Can't say I'm excited about something like Cars 3 at all, but The Incredibles sequel has so much potential and direction it can go that I can't help but squeeee. Given Brad Bird is releasing Tomorrowland next year, I guess The Incredibles 2 will be pencilled for 2018? Gosh that's far away.

  4. Yeah, that is a bummer that it will be released so far away from now…the wait will be agonizing! Plus, the casual Pixar fan that heard this announcement today isn't going to be aware of how long it's going to take to make the film! I also hate to say it, but the comment you had about announcing both at the same time did cross my mind as well.

  5. The only thing I can say at the time is: WOOOOOOOOO Brad Bird is directing The Incredibles 2!! 😀

  6. Well, we can assume he'll be directing since Bob Iger mentioned that he's developing it…but I guess we can't officially carve it in stone yet.

  7. I'm supportive of it to the extent that it provides financial freedom to the filmmakers to pursue something riskier, something more original. There's literally nothing about Cars 3 that can promise me the Pixar sparks, or the Pixar magic if you will. With the first two movies and the slew of shorts, there's nothing happening in that world would surprise or delight me anymore. I just really really hope this is a launching pad for some young, upcoming directors and writers rather than a source for \”creatively bankrupt\” outcomes.

  8. Interesting thoughts – I do hear you about the \”Pixar sparks\”. You may be right that this isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but I guess I'll just go into it thinking about how it may allow me to relive the excitement of the first film again…and catch up with some of my favorite characters. That's obviously coming from the perspective of someone who loved the first two films though!I do think it would be a great idea to get a fresh outlook on the series too by bringing up a newer director or set of writers to work on the story – that's a great thought!

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