Episode 025 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Interview with Party Central Director Kelsey Mann, Incredibles 2, Cars 3 & much more

Pixar Post Podcast episode 25

In episode 025 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

Toy Story That Time Forgot – Follow Up

  • As we mentioned in our last podcast, we believe we found a connection to a book, The Land That Time Forgot and Pixar’s upcoming holiday-inspired TV special. We discuss some potential connections between the story and the special.
  • To read about the special, check out our original post on Toy Story That Time Forgot.
  • You can also read some of the initial discussions from our readers (regarding Toy Story That Time Forgot) in this forum post.

Ed Catmull’s, Creativity Inc. Book

  • Staring at 12 minutes and 48 seconds into the podcast, we chat about Ed Catmull’s upcoming book titled, Creativity, Inc. and how the release of it inspired us to start our Pixar Post Book Club.
  • Read more about how to pre-order Catmull’s book or to view the dates for the speaking events he will be at to promote the release of his book (both at the bottom of the post).

Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 News

  • Starting at 21 minutes and 08 seconds – Earlier this week, the internet was ablaze with the news that a sequel was in the works for The Incredibles as well as Cars. We discuss the initial news and touch on our predictions for where the story may take place for The Incredibles sequel.
  • In our discussion of Cars 3 we candidly talk about how the reactions to this news were mixed and why we feel people may be too harsh.

Radiator Springs 500-and-a-Half

Party Central – With Exclusive Kelsey Mann Interview

  • Starting at 49 minutes and 24 seconds – Hot on the heels of the theatrical release of Party Central alongside, Muppets: Most Wanted we chat about our theater experience and the audience’s reaction.
  • We were also lucky enough to chat with Party Central’s writer and director, Kelsey Mann. We’re happy to pass our interview along to you since Kelsey gets into great discussions around the story, the vocal work on the short and shares some details on his personal journey to Pixar.
  • During the discussion, we also mention that we’d love to know what you thought of the short – feel free to rate the short and leave your feedback in the Pixar Post Forum.

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  1. Great podcast guys! Yeah, I feel like we've gotten as much news as we did back in D23! Congratulations on your son, I think I might have heard him in background a couple times, or maybe that was my mind playing tricks :). I think that you guys are right, Cars 3 is not a cash grab. There is certainly money to be made off the merchandise, But all the kids and adults who BUY the merchandise are all fans, right? With the billions of dollars they have made, there is obviously quite a fan base, right? So then why not given the audience what they want and make them happy?Awesome interview, you asked some really good questions. No matter how many times the \”slow motion character-in-awe-watching-another-character-fly-by-them-with-a-deep-voice\” gag is used, it never gets old!

  2. Great podcast guys! Congratulations on your son! I think I might have heard him a few times in the background ;). I agree, Cars 3 is not an cash grab, but there is no denying that there is tons of money to be made. But with the billions of dollars they've made off of merchandise, there must be a big fan base, right? So then give the fans what they want, right!? I am excited for Cars 3.Nice interview, you asked a lot of good questions. What a great guy he is(Kelsey). I love the \”door jamming\” part and the \”Jeanette! Baby!\” Part with Percy the purple JOX.Tales from Radiator Springs has already started with the three shorty shorts, \”500 and a half\” is continuing it, not kickingnit off.

  3. Hey Aiden – Thanks for the comments – we're glad you liked the episode! You were right about Leo, you did hear him in the background – ha! His Grandma was watching him downstairs and tried to keep him quiet while we were recording! Glad you like the interview with Kelsey as well – we could have chatted with him for hours, he's such a great guy!Also, you're right – I completely forgot that the Shorty Shorts kicked off the Tales from Radiator Springs series – whew, you're good! How do you remember all of this?! 🙂

  4. Great episode T.J. and Julie! I loved the interview with Kelsey! What a great guy! You guys are right, you could hear his passion throughout the interview. I loved how he talked about the door vault scene from Monsters, Inc. being an inspiration for the short. I've said it many times that I think MI is Pixar's most creative and imaginative films (although something tells me Inside Out may give it a run for its money :). I also liked the discussion of getting into the business. While I agree luck can play a role, I prefer to think of it differently, that when you're passionate and work hard, opportunities will present themselves to you that otherwise wouldn't. Internally that might look like luck or \”being at the right place at the right time\”, but you were there because of your effort. I also think it's important to have a goal. Kelsey said it took him 10 years to reach his goal of getting to Pixar. Having a goal can help you look at opportunities to determine which one(s) will help you reach that goal. Finally, you may be glad to be back, but I’m sure I’m not the only listener and reader to be very happy you’re both back!! From these great interviews and eye for detail (picking out Austin Madison’s voice from the short, knock my socks off!! :), to the outrageous passion you have (setting a world record for wearing the most Pixar-related T-shirts, just awesome!), it’s great to have you back – it really helps get me motivated to get back into doing more blogging and Pixar-related research. I think I’ll start by seeing Party Central again! 🙂 jeff

  5. Hey Jeff – Wow, that was such a great comment – we really, really appreciate it! I love the additional thoughts on luck. I always say the phrase, \”luck favors the prepared\”, but I like that you also encompassed the passionate and hard working elements from Kelsey's interview.I completely agree about your comments on Monsters, Inc. – the creativity…especially in that door vault scene is amazing. You can't help but draw comparisons to the door vault scene and what Pete wants to do with Inside Out (with how memories are stored). He must be one of those geniuses that have so many thoughts running around in his head so the complexity of a maze comes out in his stories! Oh, and to be fair, we thought it might have been Kelsey's voice on that \”all five eyeballs\” line first! 🙂 We knew from listening to the Animation Fascination podcast (that Austin was on last year) that he worked on the short, so it was kind of in our heads already…plus, the witty nature of Austin's writing/drawings played into our thoughts. It also doesn't hurt that we were able to see the short a bunch of times and laugh at that line a lot before we had to analyze and dig into it.Finally – we're glad you enjoyed the T-Shirt record! Who knew it would get so much attention from the Record Setter team?! Ha! We've got a few more ideas planned, so get ready for some more Pixar record breaking!Thanks again, Jeff, and we'll chat soon I'm sure! – T.J.

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