Episode 026 of the Pixar Post Podcast – New Contest Details, First take of Creativity, Inc., Samuel L. Jackson discusses Frozone and more

Pixar Post Podcast Episode 26

In episode 026 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

Our World Record

Ed Catmull’s, Creativity Inc. Book & Our New Contest

  • Starting at 10:55 into the podcast – We’ve started reading our review copy of Ed Catmull’s book and we chat about how engaging the book has been so far.
  • There are so many interesting facts about Pixar, people and leadership included in the book – let’s put it this way, we have even more reasons to be jealous of not working at the studio.
  • Announcement of our new contest – for more details on how you can receive a free copy of Ed Catmull’s new book, check out the details on our Forum post.

Disney Infinity

  • Starting at 17:30 into the show – We chat about the Phineas and Ferb toy box pack that was released as well as the hidden Star Wars lightsaber weapon that you can use.
  • We also provide a few tips and tricks if you’re hunting for Wave 3 power discs.

Inside Out Teaser at CinemaCon

  • Starting at 28:17 into the show – We chat about the teaser that was shown for Inside Out at CinemaCon. We discuss the clip and throw out our predictions for when we’ll see a broad release of the teaser.

Samuel L. Jackson Chats About The Incredibles Sequel

  • Starting at 32:47 into the show – Earlier this week, Samuel L. Jackson talked with Digital Spy UK about The Incredibles sequel and mentioned Frozone. Although many sites have reported this as a confirmation that Frozone will appear in the upcoming sequel, we take a different approach and discuss how this is a consideration rather than a confirmation.

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  1. Hey guys, another great episode! As Ultimate iPad Expert says, I think Fire and Rescue is a good choice for an \”Inside Out\” teaser. It also aligns well with Comic Con which is happening end of July (as Julie pointed out), and I would expect some good coverage of the film there. As with everyone else, I can't wait to see what Pete Docter has planned for this film!!The Incredibles 2 – I'd be happy with either a prequel or sequel. Lots of possibilities with either. Personally, I don't know if we'll see a film focused on Jack Jack, nor a school for supers – that's been done a couple of times before (Sky High). But whatever it is I'm sure it'll be great, as Brad Bird wouldn't make it otherwise.I'm very excited for my copy of \”Creativity Inc\” to arrived! And am jealous you've already been reading it!!!! 🙂 I've been loving all the excerpts and articles that have been recently coming out regarding the book. I think starting the book club with this book is a great idea and can't wait for that to start!Hey, and if you ever have a chocolate festival, I sure hope I get an invite!!! 🙂 jeff

  2. I feel that a teaser will be shown between now and the theatrical release of Planes: Fire and Rescue, which will release July 18, 2014. So, basically between now and July.

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