Pixar Working on 3D Re-Releases and Exploring New Technologies

Pixar Characters Wearing 3D Glasses
Photo courtesy of DisneyVault

Following the 3D re-releases of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc., Josh Hollander (Pixar’s Director of 3D Production) stated that the studio is currently working on the 3D re-release of The Incredibles and Ratatouille while speaking at the 3D Creative Summit (UPDATED: Link removed as it is no longer active). In an article via ScreenDaily, Hollander shares some insight as well as discusses the challenges the team is facing with 3D technology.

“Right now we’re working on The Incredibles, which is a lot of fun in 3D….It’s been an interesting challenge to work on technology because – while the film was released 10 years ago – the technology is even older as it took four years to make…We have a version of Ratatouille, which works really well in 3D and we’re trying to figure out exactly what the release strategy for that will be.”

In the article Hollander also discusses some of the new technologies that Pixar Animation Studios is exploring: High Frame Rate, Ultra High Definition 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

“Of those, the High Dynamic Range seems most interesting to us because there are entire worlds of color that we’ve not been able to show you and not be able to represent in our films because of the limited color space of the display technologies…4K is also interesting to us – that added clarity. High Frame Rate isn’t something we’ve been digging into yet, we doing some testing but it’s not banging down our door and begging for us to use it right now.”

Inside Out characters concept art in headquarters

Details surrounding Pixar’s next feature film, Inside Out, have still been kept pretty much under wraps – though Hollander did mention that he and his team are working on the 3D for the film he describes as “pure magic.”

“We’re looking at how translucency and opacity is used, which plays really well in 3D…There’s not much more I can share about it but it will build upon our use of 3D, supporting ‘emotions’ and emotional moments.”

While the details are vague, it was nice to be reminded of the hard work that is going into Inside Out, which is set for a theatrical release in June 2015.

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