Pixar to Have a Presence at the 2013 VIEWFest in Turin, Italy

Monsters University Screencap Glowing Urchin

Pixar will again be making an appearance at this year’s, 2013 VIEWFest in Turin, Italy. The International Festival held this year from October 11-13 focuses on 3D cinema, animation, and the creative professionals in the field – this year’s festival will feature not one Pixarian, but two!

On October 11 (the first day of the festival), Monsters University Director, Dan Scanlon will on hand to present Monsters U to the festival-goers.

In addition to Scanlon’s presence, Technical Director Sandra Karpman will also discuss “The Secret Camera Rules of Pixar” – where the audience will learn how Pixar uses cameras to accent the story. Coming from a technical background, Karpman will explain how the camera can elevate emotions of the characters as well as guide the audiences’ eye from scene to scene – we wish so much that we were going to be present to hear her wealth of knowledge and skills.

Monsters University Screencap Training

For those who may not be familiar with Sandra Karpman, she had previously worked at Industrial Light and Magic for 18 years before joining Pixar in 2002. Not only is Karpman familiar with animation but she has quite the live-action resume as well, working on films such as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”“Hook” and “Star Wars Episode 1 & 2”.

Her Pixar career began as the Effects Supervisor on The Incredibles, from there she has worked on Cars, Ratatouille, WALL•E, UP, Toy Story 3, and now, Monsters University. Additionally, Karpman created the 3D camera that was utilized for the beloved short films, Day & Night, Hawaiian Vacation, and La Luna. Currently, Karpman works in the Camera & Staging department at Pixar Animation Studios where she helps create many of the captivating camera views used in all Pixar films.

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