Bill Hader Talks About Working With Pixar

Monsters University Slug Screencap Bill Hader

Saturday Night Live Alumni, Bill Hader is quickly becoming a household name in the world of animation as he is once again partnering up with Pixar to voice characters in two upcoming feature films. Hader, who previously worked with Pixar on Monsters University voiced two characters in the film, the Slug who is late for class, and the Referee. Our favorite line in the film was actually voiced by Hader as the Referee during the Sneak & Scream Scare Game – “Tough luck, Kris Kringle”.

Recently, Hader was interviewed by Screencrush where he discussed his voice talent in many upcoming animated films. Below are the questions that were asked related to Pixar.

You’re going to be in ‘Inside Out’ and ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ you’ve got this franchise plus ‘Turbo‘ and ‘Monsters University,’ so at this point you’ve done a lot of animated work. Was that a career goal, do you want to be the next Mel Blanc?

Nah. I love animated movies, but I never consider strategizing anything in my career, it’s kind of more about what’s available at that moment, and what I’m interested in. That changes every year, so it just happens that lately that’s what I’ve been approached about and have been interested in.

How far into ‘Inside Out’ and ‘The Good Dinosaur’ are you? 

‘Inside Out’ I’m into way more, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ I just did my first session a month ago, but ‘Inside Out’ I’ve been working on that for two years.

Bill Hader and Fear Inside Out
Bill Hader and his character “Fear” from Inside Out.

It’s funny because ‘Dinosaur’ was originally scheduled to come out first. 

That’s how long these movies percolate for. ‘Inside Out’ I was hanging out inside the writer’s room and bulls—ing with people and it turned into “Do you want to play the part?” “Yeah!” Which is pretty cool.

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