New Image Released for Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity Attraction

Ratatouille ride concept art at Disneyland Paris

It’s always exciting when a new Pixar-themed attraction enters a Disney park and this past week the official Twitter feed of Disneyland Paris shared an exclusive sneak peek into Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity. 

We had previously discussed the rumors and technology swirling around this highly anticipated attraction and from the look of the photo, it seems that those rumors may be panning out to be true. Some of those rumors were that the ride vehicles would be on a trackless system paving the way for new and innovative technology within the Disney parks and the other rumor is that guests would be shrunk down to “Remy”-size for the duration of the ride.

From the look of the image above it seems that both rumors may ring as truth, however, without an official press release from Disney we can’t say for sure. One thing that we will say is that this attraction has piqued our interest as Ratatouille remains to be one of our favorite Pixar films. Are your passports ready for a 2014 Disneyland Paris adventure?

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