Inside Out Sneak Peek Details from The D23 Expo

Inside Out characters concept art in headquarters

Hot on the heels of The Good Dinosaur news from the D23 Expo, we also have additional information regarding Pete Docter’s upcoming Pixar project, Inside Out. Pete was welcomed on stage, along with Producer, Jonas Rivera. Inside Out is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19, 2015. Again, it should be noted that we aggregated this information from a series of tweets and news that was being released as the keynote was taking place (majority between Disney•Pixar & – here’s what we know so far.

Event/Story highlights

Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera headshots
  • Docter mentioned that the concept was designed to be completely unique to animation, but needed a way to ground it in reality as well – wow!
  • Riley, the young female main character (11 years old) is a blond-haired, sports-loving spitfire (loves hockey the most, like her Father).
  • After a move to San Francisco, Riley has to gain a whole new set of friends – but along the way, we really see that the other set of main characters is her five emotions (shown as concept art against black backgrounds):
    • Anger / Red color (little toad-like character in a white shirt and tie)
    • Disgust / Green color (dress-wearing, arms crossed type of character)
    • Fear / Pink color (Gonzo-like, sweater, and bow-tie wearing character)
    • Joy / Yellow color (bright blue hair and a yellow dress with an over-the-top vibe character)
    • Sadness / Blue color (like Velma from Scooby-Doo with an oversized sweater)
  • From additional concept art, we learn that the emotions all work together in an office/headquarters. Each of the characters has their own screens that allow them to see the world through Riley’s eyes based on their emotion. For instance, Joy’s screen sees Riley eating french fries, whereas Anger doesn’t see this same screen or view at all. As Joy types on a screen, her emotion increases exponentially.
  • Several other concept pieces show “Dream production” and a “train of thought” (shown as a physical train).

Vocal Cast

  • Who will voice Riley is yet to be seen
  • Lewis Black – voices Riely’s Anger emotion
  • Mindy Kaling – Disgust (fits perfectly with her vocal tone)
  • Bill Hader – Fear
  • Amy Poehler – Joy
  • Phyllis Smith – Sadness
Inside Out Vocal Cast
All Images © IMBD


  • A full-fledged animation was not shown, but an animatic was shown where several of the emotion characters (Joy and Sadness) get lost inside Riley’s mind – leaving Anger, Disgust, and Fear to run the show. Getting inside the mind of Riley isn’t the only place the viewers will be able to go – you also will get inside her parent’s minds as well and see her Mom’s emotions as she tries to communicate with Riley. Riley doesn’t have any Joy or Sadness at this point and her Mom senses that she’s only Angry, Disgusted and Fearful. As Riley’s Mom questions her, the three remaining emotions, attempt to take the place of the missing Joy emotion without success. Riley’s Mother then pulls in her Father, whose emotions are watching hockey…all of them! Riley’s Father begins to question her and then she blows up in anger since that’s the emotion in charge at that time. The Mom then storms off and says, “Why didn’t I marry that Brazilian helicopter pilot?” 

How pumped is everyone for this movie? I can hardly wait with this description – it sounds so unique, engaging, and hilarious!


All images and concept artwork courtesy of Disney•Pixar & Pixar Animation Studios

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