Finding Dory Sneak Peek Details From the D23 Expo & More Story Info

Finding Dory D23 Logo Announcement

What a day for Pixar details – First, we got a ton of great details regarding The Good Dinosaur as well as Inside Out and now we get a few tidbits about Andrews Stanton’s upcoming Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory (November 25, 2015). In addition to the D23 Expo, Finding Dory was also in the news for another reason as well – a potential story change based on an upcoming documentary. First, let’s chat about the D23 Expo.

Finding Dory Concept Art

Event/Story highlights

Andrew Stanton and Lindsey Collins D23 Expo
  • Andrew Stanton (Director) and Lindsey Collins (Producer) were on stage to reveal a small number of details regarding the upcoming film. First up, he revealed that Dory’s homing instincts have kicked in and she sets off on a journey (leaving Nemo and Marlin behind) to find her family (1 year after Finding Nemo). Along the way, everyone (not sure who everyone is yet) learns about the real meaning of family.
  • During the event, Stanton jokes that Bill Hader isn’t in Finding Dory as Bill pops up on the stage. After some jokes about trying to become Pixar’s lucky charm – John Ratzenberger appears as if to reclaim his title and remind people that he’ll be in these movies as well!

Vocal Cast

  • Diane Keaton – Jenny (Dory’s Mother)
  • Eugene Levy – Charlie (Dory’s Father)
  • Ty Burell – Bailey (a beluga whale)
Finding Dory Vocal Cast

Additional Story Details

Earlier today, Animation Fascination spotted an article from the LA Times which noted that Pixar may have changed some of the story details of Finding Dory after viewing the upcoming and controversial documentary, Blackfish. The documentary takes a look at the dark side of keeping Orcas in captivity – while subsequently putting a bad taste in Pixar’s mouth, prompting the story to change. The official word did not come from within Pixar, or from a Pixar employee so take this news with a grain of salt. Word came from The Cove director, Louie Psihoyos.

Louis noted that “Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter and ‘Dory’ director Andrew Stanton sat down with ‘Blackfish’ director Gabriela Cowperthwaite in April after seeing her movie. At the end of the [Pixar] movie, some marine mammals are sent to an aquatic park/rehab facility — a SeaWorld-type environment,” explained Psihoyos, who heard about the meeting through a friend in the animal rights movement who lives near Pixar’s Emeryville, California, campus. “After seeing ‘Blackfish’, they retooled the film so that the sea creatures now have the choice to leave that marine park.

What are your thoughts about Finding Dory? Does this mean that Dory will eventually find her family in an aquarium? Let your voice be heard in the Finding Dory Pixar Post Forum.


All images and concept artwork courtesy of Disney•Pixar & Pixar Animation Studios

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  1. I like this cast too – I'm a little more excited for Inside Out at this point…but I'm sure that's because we got a lot more details and cast notices about the film.

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