John Lasseter’s Emotional Moment at the D23 Disney Legends Awards

Disney Legends Steve Jobs Honoring

The 2013 D23 Expo was three days full of memorable moments, unbelievable experiences and of course, mind-blowing sneak peeks into future projects. One speech from Pixar’s own John Lasseter during the Disney Legends Awards, about his late friend and colleague Steve Jobs, was the most heartfelt moment of the entire D23 Expo.

“It’s amazing to be around someone who maybe has had an effect on the world once in their life, but to be with someone, like Steve who changed the world many, many times over – I think this entire planet is better to have had Steve in it.” – John Lasseter

Disney Legends Steve Jobs Honoring with John Lasseter

While we were unable to attend the D23 Expo, Ricky from Inside the Magic has posted a video with John Lasseter’s entire touching speech accepting the Disney Legends Award on behalf of his dear friend.

During the speech, I really connected with the story of how John first pitched Tin Toy to Steve which changed the course of Pixar. First, I love that John noted that Steve sat in the chair very similar to the numerous photos of Steve with his fingers pressed together (similar to the photo pictured at the top of this post), it was a very descriptive yet “real” way we, as the audience always have seen Steve portrayed.

“At the end of the meeting he asked me to do something and it’s the only thing he ever asked me to do. He said, John, make it great.”

Tin Toy went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, the first Academy Award ever given to computer animation.

Disney Legends Steve Jobs Honoring with John Lasseter

At ten minutes and forty seconds into the video, John reveals how he lost his brother to AIDS and how Steve became his brother over time as they got closer and closer. Hearing the raw emotion of John’s words was so honest and profound. Having lost my Grandmother to AIDS, I couldn’t help but be brought to tears by learning such a personal detail from someone I look up to and admire – it was a truly touching moment.

In a final moving story – one moment regarded by John as a very special day was when Steve came to Pixar to speak with John one-on-one. Steve explained that Apple invited him back as CEO and he wanted John’s permission. John mentioned that it was a moment that touched him because it showed how much he truly cared for Pixar. “He said the reason I feel I really need to do this, is I feel the world is a better place with Apple in it – and he’s right.”

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