The Good Dinosaur Sneak Peek Details From the D23 Expo

The Good Dinosaur Concept Art

Earlier this morning we were shown an additional piece of concept artwork from the upcoming film, The Good Dinosaur. Now, as the D23 Expo’s Art and Imagination keynote kicks off, we are getting, even more, sneak peeks and details surrounding the May 30, 2014 release. We aggregated this information from a series of tweets and news that was being released as the keynote was taking place (majority between Disney•Pixar & – here’s what we know so far.


  • A clip was shown from the movie with a photo-realistic asteroid belt where one of the asteroids got knocked out of the group and was hurtled towards Earth. The dinosaurs then watched as the asteroid sails by Earth, barely missing it – of course, no longer causing the extinction of dinosaurs from Earth.
  • A short clip of the main character, Arlo coming across a strange-looking bug (named Spot) was shown. Spot turned out not to be a bug at all, but a small human child in a bug disguise. Apparently, there was a lot of comedic moments as Spot tries to attack Arlo by throwing and slapping him. 
  • A final clip shows Spot and Arlo hunting bugs together where Spot is less than accurate with his spear throwing and hits Arlo in the eye.

Event/Story highlights

Peter Sohn and Denise Ream
Photos © Pixar Animation Studios
  • John Lasseter invited Peter Sohn (Co-director) and Denise Ream (Producer) to chat about the film.
  • They start to show a set of concept art that reveals that the dinosaurs are farmers – each performing acts of farming as if they were traditional pieces of farm equipment. The dinosaurs have been reported to look exhausted and depressed.
  • 3D models of baby dinosaurs were also presented.
  • The main dinosaur character (an Apatosaurus) is named Arlo (green dinosaur shown in the concept art at the top of the page).
  • A plot point is that all the dinosaurs are trying to get numerous bugs off of their farm – everyone is irritated with the bugs with the exception of Arlo.
  • It is rumored that Spot may not talk.
  • Arlo and Spot end up leaving the farm and go on many adventures across many types of terrain, including a snow scene.
The Good Dinosaur Concept Art

Vocal Cast

  • Lucas Neff – Arlo
  • John Lithgow – Arlo’s Father, Poppa
  • Frances McDormand – Arlo’s Mother, Mama
  • Bill Hader – Arlo’s Brother, Forrest
  • Neal Patrick Harris – Arlo’s Brother, Cliff
  • Judy Greer – Arlo’s Sister, Ivy
The Good Dinosaur Vocal Cast
Images © IMDB


All images and concept artwork courtesy of Disney•Pixar & Pixar Animation Studios

Additionally, we have learned that the Monsters University-inspired short Party Central will play ahead of The Good Dinosaur in theaters.

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  1. I'm really interested to see what new information we'll continue to see regarding The Good Dinosaur. I love the fact that the dinosaurs have continued to evolve and get larger over time and therefore Spot will appear even smaller (at three feet tall). It will add an interesting dynamic from the size differences for sure.

  2. I don't think they'll release any of the video clips anytime soon. I'd guess that the best we'll get are the official photos they released (included above).

  3. Can't believe… Neil Patrick Harris in a Pixar Animation..awesome…are those clips going to be available on internet?

  4. GREAT summary! Awesome to have all the news in one place…I was hoping for an article like this! Thanks a bunch guys for getting this up and so fast!

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