Monsters University New Clips and Toolkits

Monsters University Toolkit Animation

The official Disney Monsters University site has just uploaded a series of five new clips and toolkits that show a few additional moments from the movie as well as early test animations. The clips, as spotted by Pixar Pro, show a mix of fraternity life as well as pranks that the MU gang play on each other.

In addition to the “Practical Pranks” toolkits that were shown above, there are also a series of toolkits that we haven’t been able to locate to pass along to our readers. The first toolkit we saw while in our local Disney Store location – that toolkit showed the Oozma Kappa gang working out (like in this scene from the final MU trailer), but without final lightning.

The second toolkit was actually integrated into the May 30 episode of “Wipeout” titled Boss and Employee: Third Shift. In this episode, announcer John Henson hires a set of interns who are…the Oozma Kappa crew. The (approximately 6-second) toolkit starts with Sulley sitting on a couch while mike Mike quickly tumbles into the scene – finally the rest of the OK crew quickly jump on the couch (while eating popcorn). I did attempt to watch the streaming version of the show on ABC, but the introduction was a different intro that didn’t include the OK brothers. Did anyone else catch that clip?

Finally, last week, another short toolkit called “Scream” was uploaded by the German Pixar site, Pixar Blog.

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