Additional Monsters University Concept Art

Monsters University Concept Artwork
Sulley and Mike concept art by Daniela Strijileva. © 2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Just shy of two months ago we revealed a ton of Monsters University concept art and today Disney•Pixar has released a second set of high-quality concept art from the upcoming film. This new set is packed with more amazing characters and environmental concepts. Between this new artwork, the concept art we posted about at last week’s MU charity screening, and the release of the official Art of Monsters University book (review posting soon) that hit shelves this week, MU fans couldn’t ask for more.

Isn’t some of their work just amazing? The pencil work from Peter Chan really blew me away and the Mike and Sulley lying in the bunk beds by Daniela Strijleva is just fantastic. Those aren’t the only two that I loved, but they were the first two to jump off the page to me and stand out as different in this batch of concept art.

Since I mentioned the Peter Chan pencil drawing, I should also note that there are two additional drawings that are very similar to this in the Art of Monsters University book as well as many more packed pages of beautiful concept art on every page from many of your favorite Pixarians!

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  1. Beautiful art. The various character sketches by the different Pixarians are so fun. Can't wait to get my hands on this book and devour its pages.

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