Episode 14 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Monsters University News & Our New Pixar History Segment

Pixar Post Podcast Episode 14

In episode 014 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

  • We are excited to announce our new segment where we will look back at moments within Pixar’s history and discuss how its past has shaped its path. For this first segment, we take a high-level look at the first year of Pixar’s history with Jeff from This Day in Pixar (Follow on Twitter as well). Jeff is a Pixar history buff and we loved his posts so much that we wanted to figure out a way to somehow incorporate his knowledge into our site. After thinking about it, the Podcast seemed to be a perfect fit to allow us to discuss a wide range of topics that really pay respect to Pixar’s rich history…as Jeff’s site does today. So, welcome again to Jeff to the Pixar Post Podcast – we’re excited to see where our conversation may take us.
  • Four new Pixar movies were recently announced and we dive into their release dates as well as what films could potentially be slotted for those dates.
  • Finally, we chat about a wealth of Monsters University news from a huge amount of clips and interviews released this week, to more MU concept art, to the Roar single that was released this week. We wrap up our MU discussion with our experience at the MU Charity Screening that took place on May 29 in the Detroit area (Michigan) and our experience chatting with Dan Scanlon.

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  1. Fantastic episode, guys! I loved hearing every little detail about the event. I also am awed by your knowledge of Pixar, its directors, staff and history. You both rattle off names like crazy!Also, I LOVED Jeff on this episode. I felt that the new history segment added a lot to the podcast. Very mature, authoritative, and informational. And of course, fun! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks again Morgan – of course we leveraged the power of Jeff to help get us back on track…plus, we skimmed through some books before the Podcast to brush up a bit too! 🙂 -T.J.

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