‘Toy Story 4’ Video Review of Forky and Karen Beverly Character Figure Mattel Toys [Amazon Exclusive]

Mattel has released a fantastic Forky and Karen (Knifey) 2-pack of character toys from Toy Story 4. Check out our video review and photos.
Mattel Toy Story 4 Karen Beverly and Forky Toys

When Forky was brought to life in Toy Story 4, many wondered, ‘How was he alive?’ His “being alive” was the existential crisis that led to Forky having countless moments of hilarity and endeared him to viewers throughout the movie. But, in a scene during the credits of the film, we see that Bonnie (having now entered first grade) has made a new friend to kick off her school year — another plastic utensil creation that has also come to life.

Toy Story 4 Bonnie Creates Forky Screencap

Luckily, Forky is well-versed in this area now and will be able to explain it all to her — well, maybe?

Although some joked that her name would be “knifey,” (following along with Forky), that would be a bit rough-around-the-edges (so to speak). First revealed in the credits and carried through on the Mattel 2-pack box, we know that her full name is Karen Beverly. Bonnie came up with a great name — LOL!

Check out our video review embedded below or directly on our YouTube channel. We take a look close look at both toys, the packaging, and how the toy of Karen looks even better than the photos on Amazon’s listing! Oh, and we even do a little “acting” at the end with the toys using audio from the film.

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Be sure to pick up this Amazon Exclusive Forky and Karen toy using our direct link to Amazon

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