Monsters University B-Roll Footage with Voice Acting and Tons of Interviews

Monsters University Art Clay Concept Art

Earlier today, the Trailer Addicts site uploaded not one…not two…but twenty-eight short clips showing anything from in-studio voice acting (which is great), to interviews with Pixarians, to interviews with the amazing voice talent from the upcoming Monsters University.

We scoured through all the videos and have highlighted the clips that we really enjoyed by embedding the videos directly in this post. There are many more clips than what we embedded here, so be sure to read our short descriptions of the remaining posts and feel free to watch one or all of the clips that catch your attention. We can also confidently say that even though the movie hasn’t been broadly released in theaters yet, these clips leave us wanting so much more and we can’t wait to see the Blu-ray extras already.

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  1. what's with the heavy background music over the voice-acting segments? Makes watching and enjoying the talent at work impossible.

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