Pixarians talk about their personal tales of bravery

Pixar Brave Merida and Waterfall Screencap

In an article posted on Disney’s website (UPDATED: Link removed, the article is no longer active), some of the key staff that worked on the Brave team wrote their own personal idea of what being “brave” is.

There are some great personal tales of bravery in these posts and the one that we connected with the most was Danielle Feinburg’s (Director of Photography & Lighting) post where she said, “… Merida exhibits this same kind of spirit. No matter how bad things are, she has faith she can fix it without feeling sorry for herself. She just keeps on going … and I love that about her. Doing anything you love can be challenging at times – and movie making is a great example. But knowing situations always work out enables me to bring everything I have into my projects.”

It all comes back to Merida’s soon-to-be-famous quote, “If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?

Thanks to Jeff at This Day In Pixar for posting this article on Twitter.

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