Harris, Hubert and Hamish Art

Pixar Brave Triplets Concept Art

As the theatrical release of Brave is growing nearer each day, the internet is abuzz with Brave stills and artwork.

These two photos are what appears to be an early concept sketch of the three brothers while the other image is the final product of the rambunctious triplets.

Out of all the characters in the upcoming Brave film, I am most excited about meeting Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

Pixar Brave Triplets Character Art
Ed Catmull "Two more inches, no Pixar"
Ed Catmull University of Utah 2012

Ed Catmull "Two more inches, no Pixar"

Ed Catmull, President, and co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios recently gave

Pixar "Autograph" Mickey Ears
Pixar Autograph Mickey Ears

Pixar "Autograph" Mickey Ears

Last year I created my Pixar/Steve Jobs “Mickey Ears” to wear during

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