Brave Trailer matched up with storyboards

Brave Merida Screencap

Since we absolutely love the talented and quick-working storyboard artists at Pixar, we knew we had to post this video as soon as we saw it.

The YouTube post from Pixar is a combination of the archery scene from the Brave trailer and the storyboards that helped structure that same scene. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but Julie and I can’t wait for the Brave Blu-Ray to come out so we can watch the “extras” – Pixar movies almost always have a storyboard version of scenes and it’s so great to see the background of how the animators build the story.

UPDATED: The original video was removed, but Pixar uploaded an updated side-by-side Brave storyboard and final animation comparison video.

Pixarians talk about their personal tales of bravery
Pixar Brave Merida and Waterfall Screencap

Pixarians talk about their personal tales of bravery

In an article posted on Disney’s website (UPDATED: Link removed, the

D23 Magazine Brave Article
Merida article in D23 Magazine

D23 Magazine Brave Article

Today our Disney Twenty-Three (D23) Summer 2012 issue came in the mail

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