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Merida article in D23 Magazine

Today our Disney Twenty-Three (D23) Summer 2012 issue came in the mail. We were both waiting in anticipation over this issue as we knew there was going to be an article dedicated to Pixar’s upcoming film Brave. Though we would have liked to have seen this issue with Brave as the cover art (instead of the Avengers), we were not disappointed once we read the content inside.

The article written by Sarah Smith covers how the Pixar team went to explore Scotland for research – research and development that nearly took seven years to complete Pixar’s 13th feature film. Director Mark Andrews had a close personal connection to the Scotland research trips as he spent his honeymoon in Scotland on an incredible journey – thanks to a forthright cab driver. During another trip to Scotland, Steve Pilcher, Production Designer on Brave paid special attention to the stream water and described them as the color of tea. The article also includes an interview with Kelly Macdonald who voices Merida.

This article is full of great photos, storyboards, and quotes from the talented Brave team. The best quote in our opinion is from Director Mark Andrews who said, “We did a movie about bugs. We did a movie about Superheroes. We did a movie about automobiles that were alive. We did a movie about rats that can cook. And we did a movie where you fall in love with a robot that is falling in love with a robot. What’s the next thing that’s coming out at Pixar? You will always get something that is fresh and new, and we will always deliver great entertainment. But you can’t pin us down.”

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