Pixar Office #577.1 – A Studio Story

Pixar Studio Story Love Lounge Hidden Office

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would make a secret fort out of couch cushions or make a hide-out in the coat closet? Thinking of these memories makes me wish I was a kid again – well, you don’t have to be a kid to have a secret office…you just have to work at Pixar!

Just ask Andrew Gordon who when he moved into Pixar Animation Studios found a secret passageway that lead to his secret hide-out! In this video (posted by Soundtracks via YouTube) you will see how Andrew transformed this unique space into a hidden Pixar “Love Lounge.” Andrew’s office number was 577, so the hidden office became office number 577.1.

It’s so amazing that Pixar encourages its employees to explore their creativity in their workspaces. 

If you worked at Pixar – How would you decorate your office? 

Here’s what I would do: I love sharks and dinosaurs, so I would either fabricate a wall of trees with a giant Rex head sticking out of the shrubbery or I would build my desk into a shark cage and paint Bruce, Chum, and Anchor on my walls — as well as have the underwater bombs from “Nemo” hanging from the ceiling!

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