Behind the Scenes : Brave

Pixar Brave Research Trip Photo
Though its production was formally announced in 2008, work on Pixar’s forthcoming movie Brave began years earlier. Pictured here are director Mark Andrews, director Brenda Chapman and co-director Steve Purcell relaxing on a grassy hill during the company’s research trip to Scotland in 2006.

Don’t you wish you could be on the multi-year-long journey it takes to make a Pixar film? Sometimes the crew ventures off to remote and distant lands (all in the name of research). They experience the surroundings in person so the team can portray it accurately on the big screen.

Well, this would be a wish come true for us! Can’t you just imagine having a chance to sit in on the Dailies (daily animation or art reviews)? To hear all these amazing minds at work creating films that are truly going to be favorites for decades to come. The amount of planning and research that Pixar does in order to make their films stand out from the rest is very inspiring! It’s no wonder Pixar employs the very best.

Time had a wonderful, but brief, article titled “Behind the Scenes of Brave” in their entertainment section that included photos and descriptions.

NOTE – Jenny Lerew (Author of the Art of Brave) noted that the storyboard treatment noted above was deemed a false statement – read the details on her blog The Blackwing Diaries. She noted that every scene does get the storyboard treatment (unlike above where it notes that not every scene does).

If you’re anything like us, this article only made you more excited for the release of Brave – as well as the upcoming release of “The Art of Brave.”

So, if you had the opportunity to go Behind the Scenes at Pixar – What would you be most excited to see or be a part of?

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