Pixar Story/Animation Masterclass Tour 2012

Pixar New York VanArts Masterclass

Would you like to learn how Matthew Luhn (Head of Story at Pixar) creates magic through storyboarding? What about if you could learn more about the humorously-titled “Love Lounge” creator Andrew Gordon animates using character blocking, staging, and more!

Well – this is your dream come true.  According to VanArts.com, these great Pixar artists are hitting the road and may be in an area near you.

Chicago, IL – June 22-23
Seattle, WA – June 29-20
Miami, FL – July 13-14
Toronto, ON – July 27-28
Vancouver, BC – Sept. 28-29

Tickets are only $499 (USD) and animators of every experience level are encouraged to attend.

We’re going to be attending…will you? Let us know and we’ll meet up! 

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