UP (Kevin) – Fan Art

Pixar Post Fan Art of Kevin from Up

Today was my 30th birthday! So, I decided that on my first day as an official grown-up (LOL), T.J. and I would watch every Pixar film in order and sketch/paint/digital-paint a piece of art from each film.

While watching UP, I chose to draw a watercolor of Kevin. This was my first attempt at art in the digital form (on our iPad 3) as I tend to paint and sketch the old-school way. I hope you enjoy it!

Pixar Office #577.1 – A Studio Story
Pixar Studio Story Love Lounge Hidden Office

Pixar Office #577.1 – A Studio Story

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would make a secret fort out of

Toy Story 3 – Fan Art
Peas in a Pod Toy Story 3 Fan Art

Toy Story 3 – Fan Art

Here’s another piece of fan art from my 30th birthday celebration!

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